Access Control                                                                                   

At Heimdall Security we offer all types of Access control systems. From small stand alone systems to big commercial multi door networked systems which can be interlinked to your CCTV system for extra security. For More Info Contact  office 044 933 3751.

ACTProx FobACT 1070Act 5intercom

We provide small stand alone systems for a single door entry and exit. This system is vital for the security of controlling access of staff and public through out the building. 

 Our access control systems can be fitted with many forms of access control devices including:



We Provide large networked systems these sophisticated access control systems can also be linked to your IT network to allow you to review the systems history, and track a person’s access throughout a building. This same software can also control card issue and photo ID onto any cards if required. This system can be linked to your CCTV system for extra security


  Electric Gates & Barriers Automation                                                        Barriergate

At Heimdall security we supply and install electric gates and barriers. For more Info Contact office 044 933 3751

        Systems Include 







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